An On-Line Exploration Portal by the University of Delaware

Join us in exploring the planet's extremes

This is your interactive gateway to selected University of Delaware research in some of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Dive in to "Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Adventure" and help uncover the mysteries of super-hot hydrothermal vents and the bizarre creatures that inhabit these deep-sea oases.

In "Antarctic Research," find out what it's like to live and work in literally the coolest place on Earth, as UD scientists help build the world's largest neutrino telescope deep in the polar icecap.

Image of the Submersible Alvin

Interior of Alvin
Join us as we explore hydrothermal vents in "Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Adventure."
Tubeworms at the hydrothermal vents
Meet the fascinating creatures of the deep from your very own portal!
Scientific study aboard the RV Atlantis
In "Antarctic Research," join us as we help build "IceCube," a big telescope in the ice.
School participation
Find out what you wear to work on Earth's coldest, driest, highest, windiest continent!


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