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Latitude: 940' North
Longitude: 104 16' West
Welcome to Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Adventure
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Extreme Activities
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Mission & Crew

Learn about the Extreme 2008 mission and connect with the crew on our journey to the depths.



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Seafloor Geology

Discover how a hydrothermal vent forms in the extreme environment on the ocean floor.



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Hi-Tech Tools

From the Alvin submersible to "bug catchers," check out the cool tools scientists use to explore the vents.

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Creature Features

Meet the dwellers of the deep, including Fangtooth, the Pompeii worm, vent crabs, and more!



Genomic icon


Gee whiz, did you know that every cell in your body contains your genome? Read all about it here.



Microbe icon


Tiny organisms play big roles in our world. Find out why they are the focus of Extreme research.


Phone iconListen as students from across the U.S. ask questions of the Extreme team as they work in the Alvin submersible.


Experiment iconIt's your turn to be the scientist. We challenge you to design an experiment for the Extreme scientists to do at sea!


Write iconWhat's life really like on a research ship? Or diving in a sub? Now is your chance to ask questions of the Extreme team!


Fair iconClassrooms are invited to submit their work, with separate competitions for middle- and high-school students.


From our award-winning study guide to activities you can do at home, use this area to dive even deeper into the world beneath the waves!


Discover the wonders of the deep. Take a virtual tour of the seafloor in the Alvin submersible. Try your hand at piloting the sub. You can do it!


An educational program sponsored by:

National Science Foundation
University of Delaware
The University of Waikato
University of Southern California
University of Colorado
University of North Carolina
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico
J. Craig Venter Institute
Mo Bio Laboratories Inc.


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